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The Impact of the New Media: A Live, Inter@ctive Discussion & Webcast

One of America’s most prominent news anchors is dethroned by cyber-journalists who point to flaws in a news story. A White House reporter is revealed to be not a reporter at all. Newspaper readership and television audiences are on the decline while the popularity of blogs and online news sources has steadily increased. The landscape of the American media is indisputably changing.

At this Brookings briefing, members of the “new” and “old” media weighed in on the ever-evolving role of the press and the future of journalism. The discussion focused on new mediums and practices in journalism and what impact these have had—and will continue to have—on the role and credibility of the traditional American media. In keeping with the spirit of this event, the discussion was webcast and was “live-blogged” by several prominent bloggers. Panelists took questions from the audience and via e-mail following their remarks.

Live Bloggers
The following individuals watched the event, either in person or via the webcast, and provided online commentary in real-time on their respective blogs. Their commentary was also shown on a projector screen at the event and on the webcast.

Juan Cole
Informed Comment

Daniel Drezner

Ed Morrissey
Captain’s Quarters

Laura Rozen
War and Piece

Ruy Teixeira
Donkey Rising





Andrew Sullivan; Senior Editor, The New Republic, Columnist, Time Magazine


Ellen Ratner

White House Correspondent, Talk Radio News Service

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