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Past Event

The global cities agenda and lessons from Milan: A conversation with Mayor Giuseppe Sala

Past Event

Just as young U.S. cities now strive for international engagement and recognition, ancient cities like Milan have to reinvent and redefine themselves to remain relevant in the global economy. Milan has transformed itself in a post-industrial renaissance through improved governance and private-public collaborations, while reconnecting to its distinctive DNA in design, knowledge, innovation, industriousness, and culture.

On Tuesday, May 14, the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings hosted a conversation with Mayor Giuseppe Sala to discuss Milan’s global identity and competitiveness, and lessons for other mid-size city-regions around the world. In a keynote, the mayor reviewed the Milan 2030 Plan to further enhance its global position through inclusion, sustainability, and connection.

Mayor Sala then sat for a conversation with Marek Gootman, fellow and director of strategic partnerships and global initiatives, where they explored common challenges and strategies of governing a global city for growth.  

This discussion builds on experience of the Global Cities Initiative, a multi-year project to strengthen the international economic connections and competitiveness of city-regions through research, demonstration projects, and peer network exchange with more than 45 metropolitan areas worldwide.



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