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Past Event

The Future of Unlicensed Spectrum

Past Event

The Future of Unlicensed Spectrum

Wireless spectrum powers mobile technology, and mobile technology powers the global economy and the conveniences and innovations we use every day. But spectrum is becoming an increasingly scarce resource and investments must be made to enable more spectrum for private and public use. What is the future of unlicensed spectrum at a time of increasing mobile usage?  The threat of spectrum shortages has raised questions about how to utilize this resource, maintain opportunities for innovation and allow developers to create new applications.

On January 14, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings hosted a panel of experts to discuss the future of unlicensed spectrum. What is the role of unlicensed spectrum and how can we use it to further technology innovation?  What policies are needed in the future? What effect does the rising usage of mobile technology have on spectrum availability?



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Tom Nagel

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives - Comcast Cable

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