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The Democratic Race: A Quick KO–or a Long Brawl?

So far, one of the few predictable elements in the Democratic presidential nomination race is that the nominee—who will not be formally elected until the party’s July convention in Boston—will very likely be identified by spring, which has made the first quarter primary rush all the more frenetic. With Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry leading the pack before Tuesday’s seven-state primary, the race has taken a turn that few observers predicted.

To discuss the results of the February 3 primaries and caucuses and assess what’s ahead in the weeks leading up to and including “Super Tuesday,” the ten-state primary on March 2, Brookings has convened a panel of political experts. Adam Clymer, a former New York Times Washington correspondent who directs the National Annenberg Election Survey, will discuss Democratic voters’ knowledge of and views of the candidates. Pollster Anna Greenberg will address the “electability” of various candidates, campaign finance expert Anthony Corrado will discuss the fight for money and delegates, and Thomas Mann will talk about the primary/caucus calendar and how it affects particular candidates’ chances for success.





Adam Clymer

Political Director, National Annenberg Election Survey


Anna Greenberg

Senior Vice President - Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research


Anthony Corrado

Former Brookings Expert

Professor of Government - Colby College

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