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The Bear Awakens: Russia’s Role in an Era of Uncertainty

In December 2016, President Vladimir Putin approved Russia’s new Foreign Policy Concept, which had not been amended since 2013, despite Moscow’s plunge into confrontation with Western powers over Ukraine and Syria among others. The document outlines a system of views and basic principles to serve as a basis for Russia’s foreign policy strategy. While it appears to be a low key technical document, reading between the lines, it contains significant changes to Russia’s approach to international affairs and emphasizes a growing willingness to use force or hard power to achieve Moscow’s foreign policy goals. For many analysts, Russia’s resurgence on the international stage signals the start of a new cold war. Furthermore, Russia has been accused by Western powers of creating a new and unique soft power policy; such as employing cyber warfare and providing support to far-right and populist movements, as part of a strategy to redefine its hard and soft foreign policy mechanisms.

This Brookings Doha Center policy discussion will address the motives fueling Russia’s foreign policy and explore strategies for creating a constructive environment and better understanding with Western and Arab countries. How does Moscow view the global political landscape? Should its actions be considered assertive or reactionary? Are the shifting dynamics of the current global order setting the ground for stability or chaos? What role should Russia play in the Middle East amid the crises in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Iraq?

IMPORTANT: Due to limited available space, this event requires pre-registration. To reserve a place for yourself and/or a guest, please RSVP with the names of those who wish to attend to dohacenter@brookings.edu. Please arrive fifteen minutes before the event’s start time.



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