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Public Hearings of The National Commission on the Public Service: A Time of Crisis and Opportunity

The Volcker Commission’s hearings on July 15, 17, and 18 will present testimony from leaders of all three branches of government on the current crisis in the public service and opportunities for reform.

On Wednesday, July 17, morning hearings will give the Commission a unique insight into the experience of those who have experienced the federal service first hand. The afternoon session will feature original research prepared for the Commission on the crisis facing the federal public service and opportunities they see for reform.


Panel I: From the Vantage Point of the Public Service


Donna Beecher

Former Director, Office of Human Resources Management, Department of Agriculture


Matt Crouch

President, former Presidential Management Intern, President of Presidential Management Alumnae Group

Panel II: Federal Employee Association Leaders on the Public Service


Mark Roth

General Counsel, the American Federation of Government Employees

Panel III: Volcker Commission Research Partners: Perspectives on Government Reform


Susan Hosek

Co-Director, Center for Military Health Policy Research, RAND Corporation

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