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Past Event

Preventing Child Abuse in an Age of Budget Deficits

Past Event

Preventing Child Abuse in an Age of Budget Deficits

The archived video webcast of this event is now available here.

The goal of child abuse prevention programs is early detection of parenting problems, so parents can be enrolled in counseling and other social service programs. If early detection and prevention programs are effective, these programs can save public dollars that would otherwise be spent on treatment and associated social programs, including the possibility of removing children from their homes. Thus, prevention programs should be especially attractive during a time of tight state and local budgets.

On July 20, The Future of Children, a joint project between Princeton University and the Brookings Institution, held an event and online webcast to discuss ways that prevention programs can save money across a range of social programs. The event, planned in cooperation with Voices for America’s Children, featured experts who focused on both the practices and research that have been shown to be effective. Speakers also addressed the prospects that prevention services can be expanded during these difficult times.






Mary Coogan

Assistant Director, Association for Children of New Jersey


David Olds

Professor of Pediatrics & Director, Prevention Research, Center for Family and Child Health, University of Colorado - Denver

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