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Past Event

Order from chaos: Building “situations of strength”

A National Security Strategy for the United States

Past Event

On Friday, February 24, the Foreign Policy program at Brookings released a bipartisan report that contains ideas for a new national security strategy at an exclusive conversation with members of the Brookings Order from Chaos Task Force. Since early 2015, the task force has convened Republican and Democratic foreign policy experts to draft “Building ‘Situations of Strength,’” a report that outlines a U.S. policy for a period of geopolitical competition.

This multi-year initiative joined Brookings’s Martin Indyk, Bruce Jones, Robert Kagan, and Thomas Wright with Derek Chollet (German Marshall Fund of the United States), Eric Edelman (Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments), Michèle Flournoy (Center for New American Security), Stephen Hadley (United States Institute of Peace), Kristen Silverberg (former U.S. ambassador to the EU), and Jake Sullivan (Yale Law School). Brookings’s Order from Chaos project is designed to provide analysis and policy recommendations for defending and reforming the international order for the 21st century.

During the event, a selection of report authors discussed the shifting geopolitical landscape and expanded on their innovative strategies for confronting challenges to the postwar international order.



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