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Occupy Wall Street Heads to Capitol Hill: A Live Web Chat with Elisabeth Jacobs

Less than three months after the first protests began in New York, Occupy Wall Street has spread to cities across the country and started a national dialogue on income disparity in the United States. Eager to translate the momentum of the movement into concrete political action, a coalition of labor and progressive groups has now announced “Occupy Congress” from December 5 – 9 and is hopeful that thousands of Americans will join in Washington to rally at the Capitol.

What is the ultimate goal of the Occupy movement? Can it unify around a core political agenda and make a meaningful impact on Washington? On Wednesday, December 7 Elisabeth Jacobs answered your questions in a live online web chat moderated by Vivyan Tran of POLITICO.

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Elisabeth Jacobs

Former Brookings Expert

Senior Director, Research; Senior Fellow - Washington Center for Equitable Growth

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