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Libya and the War Powers Resolution: A Live Web Chat With Robert Chesney

Controversy is building in Congress over the U.S. military’s involvement in Libya’s civil war. Critics argue that President Obama is in violation of the War Powers Resolution, which requires congressional approval for certain military engagements lasting longer than 60 days. The White House maintains, however, that the law does not apply in this case, since the U.S. is playing a primarily supportive role to NATO forces.

As that legal debate continues, some in Congress may seek to deny funds for future military efforts in Libya.

On Wednesday, June 22, Brookings expert Robert Chesney took your questions in a live web chat on the War Powers Resolution and how it applies to the situation in Libya. David Mark, senior editor at POLITICO moderated.




Robert M. Chesney

Former Brookings Expert

The Charles I. Francis Professor in Law - University of Texas School of Law

Senior Editor - Journal of National Security Law and Policy


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