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Jordan First? Internal Politics and the Approaching Iraq War

Working from Amman, Rhami Khouri writes for the International Crisis Group and publishes a regular column, “A View from the Arab World.” Come February 1, he will become the executive editor of the currently Beirut-based The Daily Star, which has a vaunted reputation in the Middle East. The Daily Star has recently joined up with The International Herald Tribune to distribute The Daily Star inside The Herald Tribune throughout the Middle East giving The Daily Star an audience equivalent to that of Al-Jazeera .

Mr. Khouri will discuss what is going on in Jordan as we face the ramp-up to a military confrontation with Saddam Hussein. The title of his talk is Jordan First? As he’ll explain, this relates to some internal developments and policies adopted by the Jordanian government, which relate to the issues of identity and politics. The context of war clouds on the horizon puts these internal developments in a very interesting spotlight.




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