Past Event

Internal Displacement in Africa

Monday, October 19 - Tuesday, October 20, 1998
Organization of African Unity

Addis Ababa

The Brookings Project, UNHCR and the Organization of African Unity jointly convened a regional workshop in Addis Ababa to focus attention on the problem of internal displacement in Africa and identify ways of improving response at the national, regional and international levels. Specifically, the workshop aimed to promote the dissemination and application of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement throughout the African continent; to explore the role of Africa’s regional and sub-regional organizations in addressing the problem of internal displacement; and to formulate concrete conclusions and recommendations on internal displacement in Africa.

The meeting brought together African regional organizations, local African NGOs, international organizations, and experts to discuss how to promote more effective responses to internal displacement in Africa.

Workshop papers were published in the Refugee Survey Quarterly, Vol. 18, No. 1, 1999. Copies can be ordered from the RSQ website. For additional information on this event, see the Workshop Report, or Annexes, which include the Agenda and List of Participants.