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Past Policy 2020 Event

Impeachment, foreign interference, and election security in 2020

Past Event

The United States is at a major inflection point as the House continues its impeachment inquiry, there is concern about foreign interference in American politics, and 2020 election security remains uncertain.

These developments raise the risks of disinformation, weaponized social media, and hacking of voter registration databases in the coming year. Foreign campaign interference in 2020 may extend beyond Russia to other countries that have a major stake in the outcome. Amidst these concerns, how will the impeachment inquiry affect the national conversation? What can be done to ensure the integrity of the 2020 election? And, with so many potential dangers on the horizon, will the American people trust the results?

On November 4, Governance Studies at Brookings hosted an event to address impeachment, foreign interference, and election security in 2020. Expert panelists discussed current developments, threats to our political system, and ways to safeguard the upcoming election.

Following the conversation, speakers answered questions from the audience.



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