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Human work in the age of smart machines: A conversation with Jamie Merisotis

Past Event

We are living through a time of upheaval, with increasing threats to health, democratic institutions, and the world’s economies. But beyond the alarming headlines is an interconnected issue that must be addressed without delay: The role of workers is being transformed—and often rendered obsolete—by automation and artificial intelligence.

On Thursday, December 3, the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program (Brookings Metro) hosted a conversation with Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of the Lumina Foundation, about his new book, “Human Work in the Age of Smart Machines.” Brookings Metro Vice President and Director Amy Liu discussed with Merisotis how we can—and must—rise to this challenge by leveraging the unique characteristics of people to think critically, reason ethically, interact interpersonally, and serve others empathetically.  The conversation explored opportunities to redesign education, training, and the workplace to adapt to the increasingly automated world.

Viewers submitted questions by emailing or tweeting to @BrookingsMetro using the hashtag #HumanWork.



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