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How millennials think differently about climate change and national debt: Lessons for policymakers

An event co-hosted by the Brookings Institution and the Millennial Action Project

More and more millennials are taking to the streets to demand action on climate change, but not action on America’s national debt and deficits — another major long-term problem that carries enormous risks to future generations. What’s behind the difference in millennial attitudes towards these two threats, and how do we get younger generations of Americans to demand long-term fiscal solvency?

On October 22, the Brookings Institution and the Millennial Action Project (MAP) will explore this paradox by reviewing generational differences in attitudes to the challenges of climate change and national debt and deficits. We will discuss with scholars and Millennial members of congress survey evidence and techniques for engaging millennials on major issues, and the lessons for policymakers, journalists, and others seeking to generate support among younger Americans for tackling big, long-term problems.


Keynote by Rep. Derek Kilmer: Challenges and opportunities

How to speak millennial: Debt and climate change

Lessons for lawmakers: Millennial perspectives

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