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Past Event

Hacktivism, Vigilantism and Collective Action in a Digital Age

Past Event

Hacktivism, Vigilantism and Collective Action in a Digital Age

Radical online activism is a new public policy challenge, with groups such as Anonymous being described as everything from terrorist organizations to freedom fighters. With activities ranging from attacking government websites to revealing private information about targeted organizations, these groups have commanded the public’s attention with often-subversive cyberactivism. Policymakers and technology experts are working in particular to understand Anonymous’s origins and motives—and how it functions with no leaders, hierarchy or structure—in order to develop appropriate policy responses to this new type of online collective action.

On December 9, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings will host a discussion exploring the impact of “hacktivism” and vigilantism in a digital age. Panelists will examine the environment in which it emerged, implications for developing an effective cybersecurity agenda and how public policies can help deter particularly malicious behavior without quashing internet freedom.

After the program, speakers will take audience questions.


Introduction and Moderator

Allan A. Friedman

Former Brookings Expert

Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives, National Telecommunications and Information Administration - U.S. Department of Commerce


More Information

(202) 797-6105

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