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Financial technology: A hidden path to a healthier outcome?

Past Event

New financial technology (fintech) is transforming how people use money. Money, whether by its presence or absence, has an impact on health. What are, then, the health consequences flowing from fintech? The answer is even more important if access to fintech becomes a hidden gatekeeper in the ability to access new non-financial technology that can lead to better health outcomes. For example, many ride-hailing services, bike shares, and scooter shares do not take cash, so the new transportation app world won’t make it easier to get to doctor’s appointments or physical therapy for those who can’t pay through digital platforms.

On Friday, September 24, the Brookings Institution released Klein’s new paper, “Can fintech improve health?” and he presented the paper’s key findings and recommendations. Following Klein’s presentation, there was a conversation on the paper and the broader topic featuring Makada Henry-Nickie of Brookings, Brian Knight of the Mercatus Center, and Jennifer Tescher of the Financial Health Network, with Ylan Mui of CNBC moderating.

Viewers can read the new report here and submit questions via email to or via Twitter using #FintechHealth



Paper presentation

Panel discussion

Brian Knight

Director of Innovation and Governance and a Senior Research Fellow - Mercatus Center at George Mason University

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