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Fatah – Hamas Reconciliation and the Prospects for Palestinian Unity

On October 12, 2017, Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah led a delegation of several hundred PA officials to the Gaza Strip for what he described as a “historic moment” in the quest to end the decade-old schism between the Fatah-dominated PA in the West Bank and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. The delegation was dispatched by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and marked the first convening of the PA in Gaza since Fatah, Hamas, and other factions agreed to form a national consensus government in 2014.

The October 12 agreement between Fatah and Hamas is the latest in a series of reconciliation attempts going back to 2005. Calling for the implementation of their previous accord signed in Cairo in May 2011, the latest agreement lays down the steps that will eventually lead to a fully functional PA and an elected Palestinian Legislative Council. However, due to previous failed attempts, many Palestinians and observers are skeptical of Palestinian reconciliation and are watching the latest developments very closely.

For the two million Palestinians of Gaza, trapped in a tiny coastal strip that is frequently compared to an open-air prison, the latest agreement offers a potential respite from their lives of dire shortages of electricity and lifesaving medicine, as well as a chance to travel to the outside world.

The Brookings Doha Center cordially invites you to attend a public policy discussion entitled “Fatah – Hamas Reconciliation and the Prospects for Palestinian Unity”. What are the prospects for Palestinian reconciliation and unity  in light of the latest political developments? What are the motives of the key players, Hamas, Fatah, Israel, and Egypt, in this complex puzzle of reconciliation? How will the outcome of the reconciliation process affect the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks? What role are the international and regional powers playing in the latest developments?

IMPORTANT: Due to limited available space, this event requires pre-registration. To reserve a place for yourself and/or a guest, please RSVP with the names of those who wish to attend to Please arrive fifteen minutes before the event’s start time.



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