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Past Event

Election 2016: Results and implications

Past Event

Brookings Podcast Network: Election 2016 and America's Future

By Wednesday, November 9, one of the most contentious presidential elections in modern American history will be over. Americans will know the identity of their next president and will likely know which party has a majority in the House and the Senate. But the divisions so evident during this unprecedented campaign will not quickly disappear. Will this election mark a significant turning point in the tone and tenor of American politics?  What can the campaign and its results tell us about the governing challenges that will face America over the next four years?

On November 9, the Brookings Institution convened a panel of experts to address these questions the day after this historic election. Panelists reviewed the results of the race, the factors that produced that outcome, and the implications for domestic and foreign policy, the economy, and the future of America’s electoral system.

After a moderated discussion, panelists responded to audience questions. This event was part of the Brookings Election 2016 and America’s Future project.


Panel Discussion

John Hudak

Former Brookings Expert

Director of the Office of Cannabis Policy - Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services

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