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Past Event

Discussing “the one state reality” in Israel-Palestine

Past Event

In “The One State Reality: What Is Israel/Palestine?,” editors Michael Barnett, Nathan J. Brown, Marc Lynch, and Shibley Telhami argue that a single state already predominates in the territories controlled by Israel. From this starting point, rather than hope for a two-state solution, “The One State Reality” offers a reconsideration of the history of and possible solutions to this conflict.

On April 18, the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings hosted a virtual discussion of this new book and how its arguments can inform our understanding of Israeli-Palestinian affairs.

Viewers submitted questions by emailing or by joining the conversation on Twitter with #OneStateReality.


Panel discussion


Michael N. Barnett

Professor of International Affairs and Political Science - George Washington University


Marwan Muasher

Vice President for Studies - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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