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Defusing the Bomb: Reversing the Process of Radicalization and Preventing Political Violence

On April 27, 2011, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy hosted a discussion with Mark Fallon and Mike Gelles of the Soufan Group. Moderated by Saban Center Director of Research Daniel Byman, the policy forum explored radicalization and political violence, and measures for combating this global challenge. Extremism and terrorism emanating from the Middle East and South Asia continue to pose threats to many countries around the world, and increasingly to the United States. Yet, despite this, Washington has lacked an adequate counter-radicalization strategy. Adding to the problem is the fact that there is no clear consensus among American experts on how to prevent or combat extremism.

To address the challenge of fighting radicalization, the speakers presented the results of a report titled Risk Reduction for Countering Violent Extremism, which explores de-radicalization and counterterrorism practices in five countries—France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, and Singapore—and offers recommendations for risk reduction and prevention.

Read the executive summary of the report »

For the full report, please contact the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies at





Mark Fallon

Senior Vice-President for Learning & Knowledge Development, The Soufan Group

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(202) 797-6105

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