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Past Event

Competitiveness: From Charleston to China

Past Event

Competitiveness: From Charleston to China

Bruce Katz, Jeffrey A. Bader, Governor Mark Sanford, Glenn H. Hutchins, and Dana Beach

The morning after the South Carolina GOP debate, and just a week before the state’s Republican presidential primary, the Brookings Institution, The Post and Courier, South Carolina ETV and the College of Charleston hosted an Opportunity 08 forum entitled “Competitiveness: From Charleston to China” featuring national economic policy experts and leading political analysts. The forum was held on Friday, January 11 beginning at 8 a.m. at the Riviera Theatre.  South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford opened the forum and delivered remarks.

Two panels followed Governor Sanford’s remarks.  The first panel focused on an analysis of the January 11th GOP South Carolina debate and the 2008 election featuring two leading analysts, Tom Donilon and Ken Duberstein.  The second panel explored the issue of global competitiveness featuring national and local experts on competitiveness and trade.


Panel Two


Dana Beach

Executive Director, Coastal Conservation League

Opening Remarks

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