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Past Event

Breaking the cycle: Overcoming challenges faced by Black boys and men

Past Event

Boys and girls of all races are born with the same innate potential. But that potential is not realized in equal measure. Black boys and Black men, in particular, run the gauntlet of a specific brand of racism, at the sharp intersection of race and gender. The result is a longstanding pattern of poor intergenerational outcomes for Black boys and Black men. The unique challenges facing Black boys and men requires a specific set of policy responses, from the earliest days of life through adulthood.

During this event hosted by the Center on Children and Families and the Race Prosperity and Inclusion Initiative, we reviewed the unique situation of Black men in the U.S. and discuss possible policy directions for improving their social and economic outcomes and opportunities.


Introduction and presentation


Sean Joe

Benjamin E. Youngdahl Professor of Social Development; Principal Director, Race & Opportunity Lab - Washington University in St. Louis Brown School

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