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Assessing Bill Clinton’s Legacy: How Will History Remember Him?

With just under two weeks remaining in Bill Clinton’s presidency, his supporters and detractors are already hard at work crafting two very different versions of his historic legacy. And no one is working harder to leave a favorable mark than Bill Clinton himself.

Will he be remembered for an unprecedented economic boom? For his foreign policy record, including the conflict in the Balkans and his tireless efforts to mediate peace between Israel and the Palestinians? His extraordinary political skills, questing intelligence, and engaging personality? His policy toward gays in the military? For leaving a decision on a national missile defense to his successor? His failed national health plan? Or for the Monica Lewinsky scandal and his subsequent impeachment?

This forum will examine the tumultuous, controversial, and sharply partisan years of the Clinton presidency. Brookings scholars–and outside experts–independent observers, critics, and supporters will make a first assessment of the imprint on history left by the first president from the Baby Boom generation.




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