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Advancing Health Care Payment and Delivery Reform through Clinical Leadership

Addressing rising health care costs is an increasingly urgent problem, even as emerging medical innovations hold new promise to improve health. Physicians, nurses, and other clinicians have unique abilities to lead the way in addressing these fundamental challenges. Yet policy attention to higher value clinical care that would substantially improve quality and lower costs has been overshadowed by fixing Medicare’s “sustainable growth rate” for physician payment. Overcoming these challenges will require leadership by clinicians, both in implementing meaningful improvements in how care is delivered, and in identifying ways to reform policies to help achieve these improvements.

On November 16, the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at Brookings held a discussion to highlight how clinicians can both drive innovation in health care payment, and transform the delivery of care. The meeting will also launch a new initiative at the Engelberg Center to support clinician leadership in achieving health policy reform and health care delivery reform.

After each panel, speakers will took audience questions.


9:00 AM -- Welcome and Introduction

10:00 AM -- Clinical Leadership in Congress and Legislation

10:45 AM -- Transformative Change in the Delivery System


Ann Hendrich

Vice President of Clinical Excellence Operations and Executive Director of Patient Safety


Kevin Schulman

Professor of Medicine and Professor of Business, Associate Director of the Duke Clinical Research Institute

11:45 AM -- Clinical Leadership in Payment Reform


Paul Casale

Chair, American College of Cardiology Payment Reform Workgroup


Greg Schoen

Vice President of Medical Affairs, Fairview Northland Medical

1:15 PM -- Leadership through Innovation: The Role of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Richard J. Baron

Group Director, Seamless Care Models, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation

1:45 PM -- Clinical Leadership in Community-Based Reforms

2:45 PM -- Building Clinical Leadership


Patrick Conway

Deputy Administrator for Innovation & Quality, CMS Chief Medical Officer - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

3:45 PM -- Summary and Closing Remarks

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