Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (C),  South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha (L) and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono (R) shake hands ahead the ninth trilateral foreign ministers' meeting among China, South Korea and Japan at Gubei Town in Beijing, China, 21 August 2019. Wu Hong/Pool via REUTERS     TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RC11D4A185B0

How does China view its strategic requirements in East Asia as it expands its global influence and footprint?

Global China: East Asia

Authors: Tarun Chhabra, Rush Doshi, Ryan Hass, Emilie Kimball

East Asia has emerged as both a key engine of global economic growth and the region where U.S. and Chinese interests most clearly intersect.

The testing ground: China's rising influence in Southeast Asia and regional responses

Authors: Jonathan Stromseth

Ultimately, China presents both geopolitical challenges and potential economic benefits to Southeast Asian countries.

How China's actions in the South China Sea undermine rule of law

Authors: Lynn Kuok

China’s actions in the South China Sea have contributed to a weakening of the international law of the sea.

China, Japan, and the East China Sea: Beijing's "gray zone" coercion and Tokyo's response

Authors: Adam P. Liff

China’s approach to Japan, its most economically powerful neighbor and a key U.S. treaty ally for nearly 70 years, is an important metric with which to assess China’s rapidly expanding role in the world.

From persuasion to coercion: Beijing's approach to Taiwan and Taiwan's response

Authors: Richard C. Bush

Of all the targets of China’s external policy, Taiwan is unique.

Playing a long game on Hong Kong

Authors: Kurt W. Tong

This year, Hong Kong’s economy and citizenry are facing their most severe set of challenges since 1997.

Lips and teeth: Repairing China-North Korea relations

Authors: Evans J.R. Revere

With Beijing’s reset of ties with Pyongyang, China’s posture on North Korea is shifting, including signs that it is prepared to live with a nuclear North Korea.

Trying to loosen the linchpin: China’s approach to South Korea

Authors: Jung H. Pak

China sees South Korea as a critical part of its effort to establish its preeminence in Northeast Asia. South Korea’s status in the U.S. alliance architecture as the “linchpin” and its central role regarding North Korea issues have underscored the country’s importance to China’s regional strategy.