The Brookings Institution’s Children & Adolescent Mental Health Working Group is part of an ongoing project at Brookings focusing on encouraging cross-sector collaboration to improve community health and economic mobility. The purpose of the Children & Adolescent Mental Health Working Group is to discuss ways in which group members can help improve cross-sector collaboration to promote and enhance ongoing mental health initiatives in the United States, specifically for younger generations. You can access more on this and other topic related to the Brookings Health-Economic Mobility project here:

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Olga Acosta Price, Milken Institute of Public Health/Department of Prevention and Community Health
Gary Blau, SAMHSA/Hackett Center for Mental Health
Noel Bravo, Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development
Anna Bobb, Vredeveld Strategies
Stuart Butler, The Brookings Institution
Nathaniel Counts, Mental Health America
Anne Ekedahl de Biasi, Independent Consultant
Evan Elkin, Reclaiming Futures
Richard Frank, The Brookings Institution
Tiffany N. Ford, The Brookings Institution
Andy Keller, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
Julie Goldstein Grumet, Education Development Center
Sharon Hoover, National Center for School Mental Health / Center for Safe Supportive Schools
Charles Ingoglia, The National Council
Andy Keller, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
Josh Ogburn, Nemours Children’s Health System
Sue Polis, National League of Citie
Joyce Sebian, National/Federal Partnership of School Mental Health leaders and organizations
Kathy Stack, KB Stack Consulting(formerly OMB)
Nehath Sheriff, The Brookings Institution
Karen VanLandeghem, NASHP
Michelle Zabel, University of Maryland School of Social Work Institute for Innovation and Implementation
Ken Zimmerman, New York University