Brookings Doha Center Initiatives

Brookings Doha Energy Forum & Energy Research Platform

The Brookings Doha Energy Forum is a unique conference focused on systemic shifts in the global balance of energy supply and demand, which coincides with a period of unprecedented and rapid change in the Middle East. New demand centers in South and East Asia and a leveling out of demand in the United States and Europe have the potential to lead to a fundamental transformation of the region’s role and the global politics of oil and gas. With this in mind, the BDC and Brookings Energy Security Initiative developed the Brookings Doha Energy Forum.

The conference and its associated research address:

  • The growing strategic relationship between the Middle East and Asia;
  • The economic implications of an eastward shift in focus by Middle East suppliers;
  • This shift’s impact on governance and transparency in producer nations.

In addition to the annual conference, the BDC more broadly seeks to establish an energy research platform which examines global energy markets—with a focus on the Middle East and Asia—in collaboration with the Brookings Energy Security Initiative.

Syria Track II Dialogue Initiative 

A community-focused exercise that aims to target a core group of influential Syrians. The dialogue provides a venue and process through which key Syrian communities and constituencies can build relationships and coordinate on issues of mutual concern. It is hoped the project will develop practical outcomes to help end the conflict and have an impact on Track I mediation efforts undertaken by the United Nations, as well as by key regional and international states.

BDC-Stanford University Project on Arab Transitions

The “Project on Arab Transitions,” is a three-year joint initiative between the BDC and the Center on Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law (CDDRL) at Stanford University. The project aims to generate comprehensive analysis of the conditions affecting democratization and good governance during the current period of Arab transition.

The project combines academic rigor, informed field research, and policy relevance to systematically analyze and illuminate the nature of Arab transitions, focusing on electoral design, constitution-drafting, political party development, and national dialogue processes. By engaging Arab and Western scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds, the project provides new voices and original scholarship from the Arab region and beyond to help inform policy and development assistance to countries of strategic importance.

One output of the project is the “Project on Arab Transitions Paper Series.”

Transitions Dialogue

The Brookings Doha Center’s “Transitions Dialogue” program focuses on transitional processes in the Arab world. The project is the first of its kind to bring together mainstream Islamists, Salafis, liberals, and leftists, along with U.S. and European officials, to exchange ideas, develop consensus, and forge new understandings in a rapidly changing political environment. These events provide a unique opportunity for individuals to compare their nations’ different transition processes and see what lessons could be learned.

The findings and recommendations from the program’s workshops are documented in the Center’s “Transitions Dialogue Paper Series.”