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Brookings Doha Center Fellowships and Internships

Visiting Fellowship

Leading academics and practitioners from mid-to-senior ranks of governments, think tanks, universities, and media reside at the Center for 6-12 months, where they conduct and publish research. BDC welcomes joint appointments, such as its joint fellowship with Qatar University (QU).

Resident Fellowship

Fellows lead the ongoing research agenda of the BDC and cultivate initiatives and programs at the Center, while also publishing individual analysis reports.

Nonresident Fellowship

BDC hosts accomplished scholars, analysts, or former government officials whose research interests fall within one of the four main areas of the Center’s research programming.



To advance its local reach and global branding, the BDC hosts interns from the following Universities for either semester-long or summer-long terms.

  • Qatar University
  • Georgetown University in Qatar
  • Stanford University
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