There Is Nothing For You Here


There Is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the Twenty-First Century

Fiona Hill
Release Date: October 5, 2021

An urgent warning that America is on the brink of a socioeconomic collapse and authoritarian swing that could rival modern Russia’s—from the celebrated foreign policy expert who served as a key witness in the first impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Growing up in England’s coal-mining country, Fiona Hill knew that she was in a forgotten place. The last of the local mines had closed, businesses were shuttering, and despair was etched in the faces around her. Her father told her to get out—to go to London, or Europe, or America. “There is nothing for you here, pet,” he said.

Hill managed to go further than her father ever could have dreamed. She studied in Moscow and at Harvard, became an American citizen, and served on the National Security Council. But in the heartlands of both Russia and the US, she saw grim reflections of her hometown and similar populist impulses. By the time she offered her brave testimony in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, Hill knew that the desperation of forgotten people was driving American politics over the brink—and that we were running out of time to save ourselves from systemic collapse. In this powerful, deeply personal account, she shares what she has learned, and explains that only by expanding opportunity can we save our democracy.

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