Iran's Political Economy since the Revolution cover


Iran’s Political Economy since the Revolution

Suzanne Maloney
Release Date: August 1, 2015

Over three decades after the Iranian Revolution reconfigured the strategic landscape in the Middle East, scholars are still trying to decipher its aftereffects. Suzanne Maloney provides the first comprehensive overview of Iran’s political economy since the 1979 revolution and offers detailed examinations of two aspects of the Iranian economy of direct interest to scholars and non-specialist readers of Iran: the energy sector and the role of sanctions.

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Praise for Iran’s Political Economy since the Revolution:

“No American writes as incisively about modern Iran as Suzanne Maloney. This is a superb book.” – Nicholas Burns, Harvard University

“In this highly readable and informative book, Suzanne Maloney deftly weaves together political history, ideology, and sharp analysis of the often contradictory economic policies of the Iranian government in a turbulent period of Iran’s history.” – Shaul Bakhash, Clarence Robinson Professor of History, George Mason University

“Suzanne Maloney’s sobering and authoritative interrogation of Iran’s political economy makes it clear that the country’s history of distrust of the external world, resistance to pressure, internal divisions, and national pride, all of which antedate the Islamic regime, make it unlikely that Iran will become a normal country any time soon regardless of the ultimate fate of sanctions and its nuclear program.” – Stephen D. Krasner, Stanford University

“We know what the basic facts about Iran’s economy are, but there is a gap in our knowledge about political context in which economic decisions are made and economic institutions operate. This book is a singular contribution to academic scholarship on Iran and political economy development in general. It is a work of deep scholarship, rich in historical detail and nuanced analysis. It is the authoritative work on how revolutionary politics has shaped Iran’s economic culture, and how that development should be understood against the background of the body of theory that has emerged from experiences of similar countries.” – Vali Nasr, Dean and Professor of International Affairs, The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

“On the whole, Iran’s Political Economy since the Revolution is a welcome addition to the literature on Iranian politics and economics. It is a rich and well-researched book, which attests to the author’s considerable effort and devotion to her subject matter, and is likely to inform future research on the political economy of Iran for years to come.” – Massoud Karshenas in The Middle East Journal

“Suzanne Maloney read and synthesized the political economy literature on Iran with stunning diligence.” – Max Ajl in Jadaliyya

“Susanne Maloney’s Iran’s Political Economy since the Revolution is an exceptionally detailed account covering Iran’s economic struggles, achievements, and challenges. As a reference book, this will surely be the standard work on the country’s political approach to managing an economy that is simultaneously rich in natural resources, internally mismanaged and consistently targeted by Western sanctions.” – Anthony Forbes in the Times Literary Supplement