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The Little Book of Campaign Etiquette

For Everyone with a Stake in Politicians and Journalists

By Stephen Hess; Introduction by JUDITH MARTIN
The Little Book of Campaign Etiquette

Revised and updated just in time for the 2000 campaign, this shrewd and amusing series of observations provides a political etiquette for campaign behavior on the part of both politicians and journalists. Features illustrations by America’s foremost political cartoonists, including Herblock, Paul Conrad, Jeff McNally, Don Wright, Garry Trudeau, Jim Borgman, Mike Peters, Tom Toles, Mike Luckovich, Steve Benson, and Walt Handelsman. “Stephen Hess has stepped into the breach with answers to questions that ought to be more frequently asked…This breezy book is likely to be of interest to anyone who follows – or worries about – the state of the nation’s political discourse.” – USA Today

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