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The International Poverty Gap

Investing in People and Technology to Build Sustainable Pathways Out

By Nancy Bearg Dyke

As the 20th century drew to a close with the certainty of carrying the blight of global poverty into the 21st century and new millennium, Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandela co-chaired an Aspen Institute international conference on “The International Poverty Gap: Investing in People and Technology to Build Sustainable Pathways Out.” Thirty high-level, experienced participants from around the globe discussed the most effective guiding principles and programs for development in the age of technololgy and globalization and how to implement them. Key areas of focus were the role of technology; higher education; microenterprise; and partnerships among developing countries, donor and lender institutions, private enterprise, universitites, and NGOs. This book contains a conference summary with key ideas and recommendations, speeches by Presidents Carter and Mandela, and commissioned papers. This book and conference are the sequel to Persistent Poverty in Developing Countries: Determining the Causes and Closing the Gaps.

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