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Approaches, Developments, Trends

By Mary Stippler, Sadie Moore, Seth A. Rosenthal, and Tina Dörffer

Everyone seems to be talking about the need for leadership, but what does it take to be a good leader? What are the most common approaches used to lead? What are the tried-and-true methods of leadership, and what once-fashionable trends are now considered obsolete?

This invaluable reference, with its overview of leadership approaches, developments, and trends, provides guidance to help any manager become a more effective leader. The book is designed to provide support for would-be leaders in their daily routine, whether interacting with colleagues, employees, executive boards, or organizations they are expected to lead.

Sections in this book include

Part 1. First Steps

Part 2. Systemic Leadership

Part 3. Leadership as a Relational Phenomenon; Transformative Leadership; and Values and Ethics

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