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Economia Fall 2014

Economía, vol. 15, no. 1
Fall 2014

Editors’ Summary

Inflation Targeting in Colombia, 2002–12
Franz Hamann, Marc Hofstetter,  and Miguel Urrutia 

Inflation Targeting and Quantitative Tightening: Effects of Reserve Requirements in Peru
Adrián Armas, Paul Castillo, and Marco Vega

Central Bank Liquidity Management and “Unconventional” Monetary Policies
Javier García-Cicco  and Enrique Kawamura

Toward a New Inflation Targeting Framework: The Case of Uruguay
Matias Escudero, Martin Gonzalez-Rozada, and Martin Sola

Singular Focus or Multiple Objective? What the Data Tell Us about IT in Practice in Latin America
Adolfo Barajas, Roberto Steiner, Leonardo Vilar, and César Pabón


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