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A Short History

By Carlo Alberto Brioschi

From ancient times to modern, corruption has been ingrained in human society and is still a powerful issue in the contemporary world.

In Corruption: A Short History, Carlo Brioschi provides a thorough and entertaining look at how corruption has changed over time. He discusses corruption through politics and history—from Babylon to modern day U.S. organized crime—and concludes with a chapter on policy recommendations.

Carlo Alberto Brioschi is an Italian journalist, book author, and publisher. He is currently editorial director of I Corsivi del Corriere Della Sera, the digital book series of the main Italian newspaper in Italy; he was the non-fiction editorial director at Rizzoli, the second-largest publishing group in Italy, and prior to that he was non-fiction editor at Utet and Mondadori. As a journalist, he wrote for Corriere Della Sera, L’Indipendente and Il Giornale. He teaches theory and methods of mass media at the European Institute of Design.

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