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Brookings Trade Forum: 2005

Offshoring White-Collar Work

Edited by Susan M. Collins and Lael Brainard

Tentative contents include: •Offshoring: Threats and Opportunities Daniel Trefler (University of Toronto) •Modeling the Offshoring of White-Collar Services: From Comparative Advantage to the New Theories of Trade and FDI James Markusen (University of Colorado) •Globalization and the Outsourcing of Services: The Impact of Indian Offshoring Rafiq Dossani (Stanford University) •Offshoring in the Semiconductor Industry: A Historical Perspective Clair Brown and Greg Linden (University of California, Berkeley) •A Fairer Deal For America’s Workers in a New Era of Offshoring Lael Brainard and Robert Litan (Brookings Institution and the Kauffman Foundation)

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