The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project was completed in August 1998 and resulted in the book Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Since 1940 edited by Stephen I. Schwartz. These project pages should be considered historical.

Bases and Facilities with Significant Current or Historical U.S. Nuclear Weapons or Naval Nuclear Propulsion Missions
Compiled by Stephen I. Schwartz
Director, U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project– As of August 2002 –(Bases and facilities with active nuclear weapons, weapons-related and/or naval nuclear propulsion missions are listed in italics)

* denotes presence of currently deployed or stored nuclear weapons
+ denotes presence of currently stored plutonium-239 and/or uranium-235


(by State/Country)
Location Size
(in acres)
Redstone Arsenal Huntsville 38,000
Clear AFS Anderson ?
Eareckson AS Shemya Island 7,200
Eielson AFB Fairbanks 63,195
Elmendorf AFB Anchorage 13,130
Naval Air Station Adak Adak Island 65,000
Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson 11,000
Ira Eaker AFB Blytheville 3,931
Little Rock AFB Little Rock 11,373
NAS Alameda San Francisco 2,720
Beale AFB Marysville 22,944
Camp Roberts Paso Robles ?
Castle AFB Atwater 3,200
China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Ridgecrest 1,122,177
Concord Naval Weapons Station Concord 12,000
Edwards AFB Edwards 301,000
Energy Technology Engineering Center Santa Susana 2,700
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center Monterey ?
Fort Ord Seaside ?
+ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore 7,321
Los Angeles Air Force Base Los Angeles 239
March ARB Riverside 6,846
Mare Island Naval Shipyard Vallejo 4,400
Mather AFB Sacramento 5,800
NAS Moffett Field Mountain View 13
NAS North Island Coronado 2,500
Onizuka AFS Sunnyvale 20
Point Mugu (Pacific Missile Test Center) Oxnard 63,081
Point Loma Naval Weapons Station San Diego ?
Sandia National Laboratories Livermore 413
Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach ?
Sierra Army Depot Herlong ?
Travis AFB Fairfield 6,258
Vandenberg AFB Lompoc 98,400
Aurora AFB (formerly Buckley ANGB) Aurora 3,832
Fort Carson Colorado Springs ?
Lowry AFB Denver ?
North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Cheyenne Mountain Complex Colorado Springs 451
Peterson AFB Colorado Springs 1,277
* Portion of F.E. Warren AFB(138 W62/Minuteman III warheads) Ft. Collins and Sterling (Total listed under Wyoming)
+ Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site Golden 6,550
Schriever Air Force Base Colorado Springs 3,840
Groton Naval Submarine Base New London 500
+ Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory Windsor 10.8
Cape Canaveral AFS Cape Canaveral 15,804
NAS Cecil Field Jacksonville 21,000
Eglin AFB Fort Walton Beach 463,452(Only 752 acres used for evaluating nuclear base security systems are counted toward the total)
NAS Jacksonville Jacksonville ?
Mayport Naval Station Mayport 3,000
Patrick AFB Cocoa Beach 2,341
Pinellas Plant St. Petersburg 90
* Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base/Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic(1,600 W76/Trident I warheads; 400 W88/Trident II warheads; 160 W80-0/Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles) Kings Bay 16,000
Robins AFB Warner Robins 8,800
NAS Barbers Point Oahu 3,600
Barking Sands Pacific Missile Range Facility Kauai 1,925
Hickam AFB Honolulu 2,761
(Kahoolawe Island–until 1994, the entire island was off limits to civilians and used for bombardment practice, including simulated nuclear weapons) Kahoolawe Island 28,800
Pearl Harbor Naval Station Oahu 2,319
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Wahiawa, Oahu ?
West Loch, Pearl Harbor Oahu 12,191
+ Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory Idaho Falls 571,800
Mountain Home AFB Mountain Home 9,112
Argonne National Laboratory Argonne 1,704
Rock Island Arsenal Rock Island 946
Grissom ARB Bunker Hill 3,000
+ Ames Laboratory Ames 10
Burlington AEC Plant Burlington ?
Forbes Field Topeka 193
McConnell AFB Wichita 3,113
Schilling AFB Salina ?
+ Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Paducah 3,422
* Barksdale AFB(50 B61-7 gravity bombs; 90 B83 gravity bombs; 300 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles; 100 W80-1/Advanced Cruise Missiles) Bossier City 22,000
Camp Robinson North Little Rock ?
NAS Brunswick Brunswick 3,221
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Cutler, East Machias 2,850
Loring AFB Limestone 11,165
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Kittery 278
Presque Isle AFB Presque Isle ?
Aberdeen Proving Ground Aberdeen 79,000
Andrews AFB Camp Springs 7,550
Fort Detrick Frederick ?
Fort Meade (National Security Agency) Glen Burnie 650
Naval Radio Transmitter Facility (VLF/LF) Annapolis ?
Fort Ritchie Cascade 630
Patuxent River Naval Air Station 7,900
White Oak Naval Surface Weapons Center White Oak ?
Cape Cod AS Buzzards Bay 22
Kincheloe AFB ?
K.I. Sawyer AFB Gwinn 5,202
(ELF transmitter) Republic ?
Wurtsmith AFB Oscoda 5,221
Columbus AFB Columbus 6,015
Destrehan Street Plant St. Louis 45
+ Kansas City Plant Kansas City 136
* Whiteman AFB(200 B61-7 gravity bombs; 50 B61-11 gravity bombs; 300 B83 gravity bombs) Knob Noster 4,627 (missile field covered an additional 10,000 sq. miles)
* Malmstrom AFB(150 W62/Minuteman III warheads; 400 W78/Minuteman III warheads) Great Falls 4,137 (missile field covers an additional 24,000 sq. miles)
Lincoln AFB Lincoln ?
Offutt AFB (HQ of U.S. Strategic Command) Omaha 4,041
* Portion of F.E. Warren AFB(255 W62/Minuteman III warheads) Kimball (Total listed under Wyoming)
* Nellis AFB(175 B61-7 gravity bombs; 600 B61-3, -4, -10 gravity bombs; 575 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles) Las Vegas 11,274
+ Nevada Test Site Mercury 864,000
Tonopah Test Range Tonopah 409,600
Pease ANG Portsmouth 229
Earle Naval Weapons Station Colts Neck 11,000
McGuire AFB Wrightstown 3,598
NAS Lakehurst Lakehurst 7,400
Holloman AFB Alamogordo 59,000
* Kirtland AFB/Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex(85 B61-7 gravity bombs; 600 B61-3, -4, -10 gravity bombs; 365 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles; 450 W56/Minuteman II warheads; 60 W78/Minuteman III warheads; 550 W69/Short-Range Attack Missiles; 400 W84/Ground-Launched Cruise Missile warheads) Albuquerque 52,450
* and + Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos 27,520
Roswell AFB Roswell ?
+ Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque 7,600
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Carlsbad 10,240
White Sands Missile Range Alamogordo 2,000,000
+ Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, Long Island 5,300
Griffiss AFB Rome 3,896
+ Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory Niskayuna and West Milton 4,070
Niagara Falls Storage Site Lewiston 191
Plattsburgh AFB Plattsburgh 4,879
Seneca Army Depot Romulus ?
Seymour Johnson AFB Goldsboro 3,233
Cavalier AFS Concrete ?
* Grand Forks AFB(25 B61-7 gravity bombs; 60 B83 gravity bombs Emerado 5,418 (missile field covers an additional 8,500 sq. miles)
* Minot AFB(50 B61-7 gravity bombs; 90 B83 gravity bombs; 100 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles; 300 W80-1/ Advanced Cruise Missiles; 455 W78/Minuteman III warheads) Minot 5,049 (missile field covers an additional 8,500 square miles)
Fernald Environmental Management Project Fernald 1,050
+ Mound Laboratory Miamisburg 306
Newark AFB Newark 70
+ Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Piketon 3,708
RMI Titanium Company Extrusion Plant Ashtabula 8.2
Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton 8,145
Altus AFB Altus 5,982
Clinton-Sherman AFB Clinton ?
Tinker AFB Oklahoma City 5,001
Kingsley Field Klamath Falls 425
Alternate Joint Communications Center (Site “R”) near Waynesboro (inside Raven Rock Mountain) 6
+ Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory West Mifflin 160
Newport Naval Base/Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport 1,440
Charleston Naval Base Charleston 20,500
+ Savannah River Site Aiken 198,400
Ellsworth AFB Rapid City 10,632 (missile field covered an additional 18,000 sq. miles)
Arnold Engineering Development Center/Arnold AFB Manchester 40,118
Holston Army Ammunition Plant Kingsport 6,020
+ Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. Erwin 66
+ Oak Ridge Reservation Oak Ridge 35,252
Carswell AFB Fort Worth 3,274
Dyess AFB Abilene 6,437
Fort Bliss El Paso 1,100,000
Goodfellow AFB San Angelo 1,137
Kelly AFB San Antonio 4,660
* and + Pantex Plant(more than 12,000 plutonium pits, plus up to several hundred weapons awaiting disassembly, including the W69/Short-Range Attack Missile, the W79/8-inch artillery shell, and the B53 gravity bomb) Amarillo 16,000
Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls 6,100
Dugway Proving Ground 1,315
Hill AFB/Utah Test and Training Range Ogden 968,774
Communication and Records Center (Federal Reserve) Mount Pony, Culpeper 20.45
High Point Special Facility Mount Weather, Berryville 4.6
Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico ?
Langley AFB Hampton 3,216
Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren 4,320
Newport News Naval Shipyard Newport News ?
Norfolk Naval Station Norfolk 4,553
The Pentagon Arlington 34
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Portsmouth 800
Warrenton Training Center (relocation bunker) Warrenton ?
Yorktown Naval Weapons Station Yorktown 12,800
* Bangor Naval Submarine Base/Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific(1,600 W76/Trident I warheads; 160 W80-0/Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles) Bangor 7,000
* Fairchild AFB(25 B61-7 gravity bombs; 60 B83 gravity bombs) Airway Heights (Spokane) 4,543
+ Hanford Reservation Richland 360,000
Larson AFB Moses Lake ?
Naval Radio Station (VLF transmitter) Jim Creek, Oso ?
Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport ?
Naval Station Everett Everett ?
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton ?
Greenbrier resort (site of a former congressional emergency relocation bunker) White Sulphur Springs 2.6
(ELF transmitter) Clam Lake ?
General Mitchell ANG Base Milwaukee 111
* F.E. Warren AFB(67 W62/Minuteman III warheads; 525 W87/MX [Peacekeeper] warheads) Cheyenne 5,866 (missile field covers an additional 12,600 sq. miles)
Naval Communications Station Harold E. Holt (VLF transmitter) Exmouth, North West Cape ?
Pine Gap (“Joint Defence Space Research Facility”) Alice Springs, Northern Territory ?
Woomera AS Nurrungar, South Australia 8
Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) Andros Island ?
Florennes AB Florennes ?
* Kleine Brogel AB(10 B61 gravity bombs) Meeuen 1,100
CFB Comox Lazo, British Columbia ?
Naval Support Facility Indian Ocean 6,720
Army Special Forces Det. (Airborne) Europe Bad Toelz ?
Eyedelstadt Kaserne (41st Air Defense Artillery Det.) Barnstorf/Diepholz ?
Smith Barracks Baumholder ?
* Büechel AB(10 B61 gravity bombs) Cochem ?
Stockersbusch Kaserne (HQ, 5th U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Group/27th Ordnance Company) Bueren ?
Giessen Army Depot/River Barracks Giessen ?
Security Site Training Facility Hohenfels ?
Kriegsfeld Ordnance Depot (“North Point”) Kriegsfeld-Gerbach ?
Lechfeld AB Lechfeld ?
Miesau Army Depot Miesau 2,500
Memmingen AB Memmingen ?
Mutlangen Training Area Mutlangen ?
Nelson Barracks Neu UIm ?
Norvenich AB Düren ?
Husterhoeh Kaserne (HQ, 59th Ordnance Brigade) Pirmasens ?
* Ramstein AB (U.S. base)(15 B61 gravity bombs) Ramstein 10,261
Ritter von Leeb Kaserne (24th Field Artillery Det.) Landsberg am Lech ?
* Spangdahlem AB(20 B61 gravity bombs) Trier 1,282
Patch Barracks Stuttgart-Vaihingen ?
Kapaun AS Vogelweh ?
Araxos AB Araxos ?
Hellenikon AB/Athens International Airport Athens 172
HQ, 558th U.S. Army Artillery Group Eleusis ?
Thule AB Thule 2,600
Andersen AFB Yigo 20,504
Apra Harbor Naval Station Apra Harbor ?
NAS Agana Agana ?
Santa Rita Naval Magazine Santa Rita ?
* Aviano AB (U.S. base)(20 B61 gravity bombs) Aviano 1,467
Comiso AS Sicily 379
* Ghedi-Torre AB(10 B61 gravity bombs) Brescia ?
La Maddalena (Submarine Refit and Training Group) Sardinia ?
“Site Pluto” (main nuclear weapons storage site for U.S. Army units in Italy) Longare ?
Rimini AB Rimini ?
Henoko (Nuclear Ordnance Platoon) Okinawa ?
Kadena AB Okinawa 15,000
Misawa AB Misawa 5,700
Yokota AB Honshu 1,750
(VLF/LF transmitter) Yosami, Honshu ?
Former atmospheric nuclear testing site and Safeguard C stand-by testing site North Pacific Ocean ?
Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site (formerly the Kwajalein Missile Range) Marshall Islands 707,830
Johannes Post Kaserne (8th Field Army Det.) Havelteberg ?
* Volkel AB(10 B61 gravity bombs) Uden ?
Clark AB Luzon 9,285
NAS Cubi Point Luzon ?
Subic Bay Naval Base Luzon 62,000
Roosevelt Roads Naval Station Roosevelt Roads 31,000
Camp Ames Taejon ?
Camp Casey Tongduchon ?
Camp Essayons Uijongbu ?
Camp Page Chunchon ?
Camp Stanley Uijongbu ?
Former HQ, 833rd Ordnance Company and nuclear weapons storage site Hwedok ?
Kunsan AB Kunsan 2,174
Osan AB Osan 1,674
Moron AB Moron ?
Rota Naval Station Cadiz 6,000
Torrejon AB Torrejon 3,206
Zaragoza AB Zaragoza ?
Balikesir AB Balikesir ?
Cakmakli (HQ, 528th U.S. Army Artillery Group) ?
Malatya AB Erhac ?
27th Field Artillery Det. (formerly the closest nuclear weapons storage site to the Soviet Union) Erzurum ?
Eskisehir AB Eskisehir ?
* Inçirlik AB (U.S. base)(15 B61 gravity bombs) Adana 3,400
Murted AB Murted ?
RAF Alconbury Huntingdon 2,954
RAF Brize Norton Brize Norton ?
RAF Driffield Yorkshire ?
RAF Fairford Gloucestershire 1,170
RAF Feltwell Norfolk ?
RAF Fylingdales Moor Yorkshire ?
RAF Greenham Common Greenham Common 1,005
RAF Hemswell Lincolnshire ?
Holy Loch (former Fleet Ballistic Missile Refit Site 1/Submarine Squadron 14) Firth of Clyde, Scotland ?
* RAF Lakenheath (U.S. base)(30 B61 gravity bombs) Suffolk 2,226
Naval Aviation Weapons Facility Det. (nuclear depth bomb storage) Machrihanish ?
RAF Marham Marham ?
RAF Mildenhall Suffolk 1,144
RAF Molesworth Cambridgeshire ?
Naval Aviation Weapons Facility Det. (nuclear depth bomb storage) St. Mawgan ?
RAF N. Luffenham Leicestershire ?
RAF Upper Heyford Oxfordshire 1,221
Total known acres 10,018,628.7
Total known square miles 15,654
Total area (In square miles) of the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New Jersey 15,357
AB Air Base
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AFB Air Force Base
AFS Air Force Station
ANG Air National Guard
ANGB Air National Guard Base
ARB Air Reserve Base
AS Air Station
CFB Canadian Forces Base
ELF Extremely Low Frequency
LF Low Frequency
NAS Naval Air Station
RAF Royal Air Force
VLF Very Low Frequency


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