State and local issues in the 2020 election

The Michigan State Capitol building is seen through the spokes of a motorcycle during the ABATE of Michigan Annual Freedom Rally outside of the Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing on Sept. 29, 2020. Bikers gathered to speak on behalf of motorcyclists who want changes to the recent auto insurance reform law that puts motorcyclists at a disadvantage.

The big contest in the 2020 election is the presidency, but Americans across the country are voting and will vote for governors, state lawmakers and other state officials, local officials, and for ballot measures of all kinds. On this episode Amy Liu, vice president and director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings, talks about the election from a state and local perspective. In the conversation, she addresses these elections, the important relationships between the federal government and state leaders—especially during the coronavirus pandemic, and the longer-term work the Metropolitan Policy Program and Brookings are doing on post-COVID-19 recovery.

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