See the Immigrant Demographics Presentation that Audrey Singer Gave to the White House

Recently, Brookings Senior Fellow Audrey Singer gave a presentation on “U.S. Immigration Demographics and Immigrant Integration” at the National White House Convening on Immigrant and Refugee Integration. In her presentation, Singer focused on trends in immigrant demographics, settlement patterns, and education and workforce characteristics. She also highlighted the contributions of the foreign-born population, showing how immigration has profoundly transformed the demography of the United States over the past several decades.


Singer reported that since 1990, the immigrant population has doubled in size to over 40 million, rising to nearly a 13 percent share of the U.S. population. As Singer points out, one-in-four children have at least one foreign-born parent.

The implications of this growing immigrant population are promising. Singer shows that during the next four decades, immigrants and their descendants will be responsible for nearly all of the growth in the U.S. labor force, along with starting new businesses, inventing new technologies, and contributing to the overall prosperity of their cities, the country, and the global economy.

U.S. Immigration Demographics and Immigrant Integration from The Brookings Institution

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