Relieve the Spectrum Shortage

February 15, 2001

I. Introduction

The 37 signatories to this Comment are economists who have studied telecommunications, spectrum policy and competition policy. We believe that the current proceeding is of great importance to American consumers, entrepreneurs, and the growth of our economy. We have taken the significant step of coming together, as we have done on no previous issue or proceeding, to express our views to the Federal Communications Commission. In particular, we seek to encourage the Commission to advance the “public interest” by eliminating barriers to the productive use of radio spectrum. By adopting simple, common sense reforms, the Commission can help relieve the “spectrum shortage” that is choking key points of communications network development .

The signatories to this submission include 1 Nobel Laureate, 2 former members of the Presidents Council of Economic Advisers, 6 former Chief Economists and Deputy Chief Economists of the Commission, 10 former Deputy Assistant Attorneys General in the Antitrust Division, as well as many other former government economists involved in competition and telecommunications policy, telecommunication scholars, and auction experts. None of us has been retained by any client concerning this submission.