Planning for Accelerating Smart Meter and Smart Grid Rollouts in India

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The Electricity Policy has taken a bold move to kick-start Smart Meters in India.  This discussion note discusses roll-out the options.

Many HT consumers are already on digital metering, that too with downloading of data (even if via a handheld instrument). Making such users’ metering “smart” will be analogous to AMR (automated meter reading) – faster, but won’t change the fundamental data available to the utility.

Download PDF: Discussion-Note-01-2016-Planning for Accelerating Smart Meter and Smart Grid Roll outs in India

Rahul Tongia is a Fellow, Energy and Sustainability, at Brookings India, and has been a long-time advisor for Smart Grids in India and the US.  Like other products of the Brookings Institution India Center, this is intended to contribute to discussion and stimulate debate on important issues. The views are those of the author.