New episode of Intersections podcast tackles multidimensional poverty

“To alleviate poverty, rarely is just increasing income going to be enough if you are facing things like deep health disparities [and] concentrations of poverty that carry so many other barriers that really make it much harder for people to move out of poverty over time,” Elizabeth Kneebone says in the new episode of Intersections podcast. Kneebone, a fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program, joined Economic Studies’ Senior Fellow Richard Reeves in a conversation about the many dimensions of poverty in America. “People think poverty is an economic measure, a measure of income,” Reeves says, “but as a lived experience, in terms of what it means to be poor, it tends to involve lots of other things as well.

Listen to the podcast below to learn about the other dimensions of poverty and why understanding its complexity can help policymakers design better solutions for their communities:

Intersections, hosted by Adrianna Pita, is a new podcast where experts discuss angles on policy issues. Recent episodes include: “The rise of the right: Right-wing populism in the U.S. and Europe” and “Confronting the issues: The presidential election.”

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