MetroPolicy: Shaping a New Federal Partnership for a Metropolitan Nation

Bruce Katz,
Bruce Katz Founding Director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab - Drexel University
Mark Muro, Sarah Rahman, and
Sarah Rahman Policy Analyst
David C. Warren
David C. Warren Former Brookings Expert

June 12, 2008

To unleash greater local and national prosperity U.S. metropolitan leaders need to be better equipped to deal with today’s increasingly dynamic economic, social, and environmental realities. To that end, this report calls for a new federal-state-metro partnership that provides metropolitan actors the support, capacity, tools, and discretion they need to resolve key challenges; grow in more productive, inclusive, and sustainable ways; and, ultimately, to maximize America’s overall prosperity.

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Ranking tables for the largest 100 metropolitan areas
Productive Growth:
Gross domestic product (GDP) per job »
GDP per job growth »
Bachelors degree attainment »

Inclusive Growth:
Wage inequality »
Middle class decline »
High school attainment »

Sustainable Growth:
Carbon footprint »
Vehicle miles traveled per capita »
Rural land consumption »

Metropolitan area profiles for each of the 100 largest metro areas »