Insights from the Brookings India Electricity and Carbon Tracker


Content from the Brookings Institution India Center is now archived. After seven years of an impactful partnership, as of September 11, 2020, Brookings India is now the Centre for Social and Economic Progress, an independent public policy institution based in India.

Brookings India launched the Electricity and Carbon Tracker (BECT), a first-of-its-kind near real-time tracker of electricity generation by type of source as well as electricity carbon emissions at an all-India level.

With high resolution data, we can now do a Time of Day (ToD) level analysis of India’s power generation system. BECT provides data from 21-Nov-2018 till present and is updated continuously. The discussion note provides a preliminary analysis of how demand and generation from different sources varies over days, weeks and months, as well as during the day. It further delves into how the timings of daily peak demand, daily minimum demand and daily RE generation vary over different seasons. The role of different generation sources in ramping is also investigated as well as the limitations and errors of the data discussed.

This note intends to be an exploratory exercise and we hope that the readers will also come up with further ideas that should be incorporated in a future analysis.