13th annual Municipal Finance Conference


13th annual Municipal Finance Conference


Impact of Drones on Privacy Rights

Peter W. Singer
Peter W. Singer Former Brookings Expert, Strategist and Senior Fellow - New America

April 9, 2012

CBS News: They come in just about any size you want—as large as a passenger lpane, as small as a humming bird. Unmanned aerial vehicles or, as most people know them: drones.

Peter Singer: There’s no stopping this technology. Anyone who thinks they can put this genie back in the box—that’s silliness.

CBS News: Peter Singer, a military expert and, perhaps, the country’s foremost authority on drones, has watched them dramatically alter the American battlefield overseas. And he says they are about to become the next big thing at home.

Peter Singer: They’re technologies that not only give you capabilities that you couldn’t have imagined a generation earlier, but they’re also technologies that cause questions that you weren’t asking yourself a generation earlier.

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