Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on 5 Things a City Can Do for Neighborhoods that the Private Sector Can’t

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke to a full house in an event today at Brookings.

In the video clip below, Mayor Emanuel explains what he called “the biggest challenge I have as mayor,” which is to “make the city still affordable and livable for middle class families.” He then lists the five things his city can do to make a difference in neighborhoods that the private sector cannot: Education; parks; libraries; transportation; and public safety:

The mayor of Chicago, the world’s 23rd-largest economy and North America’s second most economically competitive metropolitan area, spoke on a range of other subjects, including: job creation and job training; attracting manufacturing; research; building an educated workforce; building relationships with other global cities; and investing in children.

Watch the full event video to hear the mayor explain these five items in more detail, and find out what else he had to say in the conversation with New York Times columnist David Brooks and with the audience. Amy Liu, co-director of the Metropolitan Policy Program, which hosted the event, opened the program and introduced the mayor.