Charts of the Week: Trump’s support base, college readiness, and equitable growth in opportunity zones

President Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Trump’s support among young remains low

In the latest analysis from The Primaries Project, Brookings scholars use Gallup data to analyze President Trump’s support base and how it could affect primary elections. In the chart below, they point out that few young voters support Trump, but in contrast, “those aged 50 and over have consistently given Trump his highest approval ratings.”

Chart showing that approval of Donald Trump is highest among older voters.
Source: Gallup, as presented by David A. Hopkins.

The largest hurdles to college for low-income African American students

On the Brown Center Chalkboard this week, Meredith Anderson of American University uses data from the Inner City Truth 3 survey that includes 1,700 low-income African American and Latino youth to analyze the largest obstacles to college enrollment and completion. Anderson notes that while two-thirds of these youth felt prepared for college, their schools could be doing more to help. According to the survey, and illustrated in the graph below, financial obstacles are reportedly the largest hurdles for students to overcome.

Opportunity Zones open a path for growth, but not equity

Peter Troug and Kevin Alin from Cleveland’s The Fund for our Economic Future, writing for The Avenue blog at Brookings, address questions surrounding the U.S. Treasury Department’s Opporunity Zones and assert that this program “does not foreordain more equitable outcomes.” The authors also outline some of the characteristics of Opportunity Zone residents in their region and preview their new report on how Cleveland will become one of the most equitable Opportunity Zones in the country.

Map: Land of opportunity

Lea Kayali contributed to this post.