Assessing America’s Infrastructure Challenges

October 2, 2008

The broad issues related to American infrastructure investments are tightly wrapped in current conversations about economic stimulus, the general need for reinvestment, and a ticking legislative clock. However, there remains little clarity or rigor about which levels of government or the private sector are responsible for which infrastructure components. There is also a lack of focus on what kind of infrastructure investments are best suited to the needs of today, and where those investments should be made.

In this PowerPoint presentation Robert Puentes provides a deeper understanding of the range of demographic and market forces which effect American infrastructure and investment opportunities and possibilities therein. The presentation highlights pressing questions, provides an examination of several key infrastructure profiles, the current political environment, and provides a broad infrastructure framework for the 21st century. In setting the stage for upcoming policy discussions, decisionmakers must keep in mind these important elements in shaping the physical landscape and economic destiny of this nation.