America At War: Southeast Asia

Catharin Dalpino
Catharin Dalpino Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies,<br>The Brookings Institution<br> Deputy Director, CNAPS

January 24, 2002

As the Bush administration pushes its war on terrorism beyond Afghanistan, Southeast Asia has become a new focus. The Philippines government announced last week that 600 American troops will participate in joint military exercises with Philippine forces. The United States is also looking towards Indonesia, where officials say the al Quaeda network continues to operate.

Brookings Institution Fellow and former State Department official Catharin Dalpino was online to take questions and comments on Southeast Asia and the war on terrorism.

The discussion is the fifth of a regular series developed by The Brookings Institution’s Project on America’s Response to Terrorism and to examine the key policy questions related to the U.S. fight against terrorism.

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